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Graphic Design

Graphics are tools that can be used to break up the wall of text and clarify ideas. Pictures, tables, and charts may adversely affect the layout and cause issues during the printing process in regards to margins and gutters. If you use graphics plan the layout accordingly. Graphics also tend to increase printing costs, as most graphics need to be in color to display properly. Color ink usage is more expensive compared to black and white printing. One way to reduce cost of color images is to turn into black and white shades.


The next phase of the production process is transferring the information to paper. This can be achieved through several types of printing technologies. These technologies can be grouped into four different types depending on how the printing surface transfers the ink into the paper


After the printing is finished the pages are put together and organized. Depending on the type of binding required different processes will take place to get the final product ready for distribution.

When several pages are printed in the same sheet they are separated by cutting them with a guillotine. The resulting pages are then gathered and collated, which means they are stacked in the proper order. Usually the next step is to cut off the edges of the pages, which makes them all the same size. At this time, the work is ready for binding.

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